How my deviant mind works

This blog is a blog of what runs through my mind on a daily basis. If You have noticed this blog is for adults if your not 18 please exit stage left ....oh yes most of these images are of me or off the innernet if I ;post something I shouldn't please let me know and most imagines that appear here are NSFW so you have been warned otherwise enjoy and have fun

Do I orgasm on phone sex calls?


Well there is no one answer….but yes I have cum on phone sex calls before…do I cum on every one of them? No……it simply depends on the call and the client and how I am feeling that moment.

I do offer mutual masturbation calls but again it depends on the caller and the length of the call…..remember…

Ms Christine

—I Love Cock Teasing


Do you love to be teased? I bet you do.. check out this little audio, get a sample of my voice and you decide… do I want to be teased and edged and maybe even denied during your next phone sex experience?

Call 800-721-1962 and you can be the next cock teased by Me… Mistress Christine - remember you must be 18+ to call

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I have a panty fetish


Did you know I have a panty fetish? I have hundreds of panties in all types of styles and colors in fact many of my phone sex clients have helped my collection grow in fact here is a picture I took 2 years ago maybe even longer of some of the panties my cuckie sent me there are many many more now….I will do a new one soon so you can see how it has grown!!! Ohh and all you Pantyboys and Girls don’t get jealous hehehehehehe


Princess Melanie

—Cuckold Series


X-rated audio about becoming a cuckold. Let me know how you like it!